Road Head Practice

When I was 16 I got my license and lost my virginity. To give you an idea of how truly epic me turning 16 actually was, I have to share with you a bit of my background. I grew up in a semi-large yet suburban city (if you can even call Broward county Florida suburban). My high school had around 4,500 kids in it. At 16, I was just about to enter the 9th grade as I was held back once in kindergarten and again when moving to FL from another state. So there I was, the only 16 year old in the 9th grade; the only 9th grader with a mother fucking car. Pussy was flying at me left and right.

That being said, I was de-virginized on the same day I got my car. Kind of Ironic since now at 23 I’m using Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lambos to get laid! Anyway, the story of me losing my virginity is yet another extremely funny and odd tale but I will save that for another day. This story pertains to road head! I was with this wonderful girl named Caroline. She was almost 5′ tall, had a nice set of tits, and an amazingly large ass. To this day she still has an amazing ass and an even better set of fake DD tits with a nipple ring to boot! She was basically my main girl for a while; she loved other girls so it worked out perfectly.

One day she asked if I had ever heard of road head; at that point in my life I had not heard of it, but I heard the word “head” and was very intrigued. When I was told what it entailed I decided that it was a theoretically perfect idea that I probably shouldn’t execute. At that point of my life I had already wrecked two cars that I personally owned and flipped a rented Range Rover end over end trying to go off-roading (yet another wonderful tale I will tell later). Given the circumstances, I figured it would be wise not to get behind the wheel with my cock out and Caroline between my legs trying to get every last ounce of her favorite man juice out of what we at the time called “BOB” (today we call it the JewC).

Depressed that I couldn’t partake in this new concept of Road Head, a light bulb went off in my head, something I recognize today as being a sign of a horrible Idea. I thought what if I could PRACTICE road head. I called Caroline and told her about my concept, she was happy to oblige. I grabbed two kitchen chairs and put them in front of my television. I had Caroline sit on the right chair with me on the left,  took my pants off, and ran to the PlayStation console. I turned it on, put in Gran Turismo 2 or 3 (I cant remember which, but it doesn’t really matter), and picked up the controller. As I was about to start my first race I said “Suck” and she did exactly that. Turn by turn, stretch by stretch, I was driving like a pro. I had to lift the remote a few times but I was getting the hang of it.

The road course got a little more intense just as Caroline began going up and down with her mouth and hand simultaneously. Oh wow that was great, what a rush. Just then, I felt an even greater rush and all at once I came, crashed into a wall, AND dropped the play station remote right on Caroline’s head causing the loudest and strangest sound on earth. It was a combination of complete carnage to the PlayStation car, and the dick muffled OUCH of Caroline as the remote smacked her on the back of her head.

That day I decided road head was not a good idea to try in real life and Caroline went home with an ice pack on her head. That wasn’t the first time she and I tried some crazy Ideas, and it definitely wasn’t the last time she got hurt in the process.

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