LV Lizard and PimpC Party for the First Time

Party Like a Rapper

One of my first pimp clients (before I actually knew pimps existed outside of the movies) was PimpC. Now Pimp C wasn’t the first pimp I saw in my store, but he was the first one that was my client. Let me tell you something, the weed smell on PimpC was the strongest smell you have ever smelled in your life. It was a constant smell; as he treated weed like it was legal. He’d just walked up and down the street puffin on the strongest weed that god let grow! PimpC had lived in Cali but had a nice penthouse in South Beach so PimpC got his weed FedExed to him from Cali. I kid you not, one time he cracked open the lid on a  tightly packaged box while in my office and and the smell stunk up my office for over a week. The shit was that strong!

Anyway, here’s the story about my first night out with PIMPC!
PimpC invited me out to go to very well known, high-end, hard to get into club with him. I of course didn’t know how exactly a pimp rolled and was a massive idiot who brought my girlfriend (at the time) with! Well we pull up and valet at his condo and ride the elevator to the top. Before we even got to the top floor you could start smelling the weed! The second the elevator doors opened, the weed smell and smoke rushed in making both me and my girlfriend cough (yes, that much weed) There was no furniture in the whole condo except for one couch. There were three women sitting on the couch in literally NOTHING; I mean butt naked! I immediately cursed myself for bringing my girlfriend. Also the only drink that was available was Cristal, there were more Cristal bottles in this condo then any place I had ever seen. Running interference with my girl is a story in itself but I got her to calm down to a normal level (the second hand smoke probably helped).

So we make our way to the club, I am in a Ferrari 360 Spider and PimpC is in the new Rolls-Royce Phantom He just bought from me along with 4 women dressed in next to nothing. We parked right in front of the club; not on the side, not in the back, in front. PimpC took one of the biggest wads of cash I had ever seen anyone carry out of his pocket and pealed back a few 100’s to give to the valet. Now I have some amazing hook ups in town: I don’t wait in lines for more than the time it takes for the door guy or bouncer to see me, but this time was way different. This time we went around to the back of the club and walked right in as if it was PimpC’s own special entrance and there was a massive magnum bottle of goose waiting for us at a table. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more BALLER than that, 7 hot waitresses came out with Bottles of Cristal with Sparklers attached to the bottle…That’s right, 7 bottles of Cristal for 7 people!

I had my beautiful girlfriend (who I was feeding alcohol in hopes that she would pass out and I could have the 4 hookers to myself), I had my own bottle of Cristal, and I had 4 hookers! That’s the top of the world my friends! At this point PimpC gets handed his pimp cup (no, I’m not kidding he really had a pimp cup). He then takes out a long cigarette case that had diamonds and whatnot all over it. He opens the case and pulls out a pre-rolled blunt, sticks it in his mouth and lights it up right in the club! Immediately it reeks of weed but he doesn’t give a single shit. He takes out a few more blunts and lights them up and passes them around, LIKE ITS LEGAL!

I remember taking a few puffs and being instantly High. When I turned to PimpC he said:

“YOU Like Dat Weed, Dat Be Snoops Weed, I gets it from snoop and I had no doubt in my mind that he actually did get the weed from the weed master himself SNOOP DOGG.”

I kept feeding my girlfriend drinks hoping she would get drunk enough to pass out, but not too drunk so she would start getting sick. I wanted to increase my fun not ruin it!

Alas The Lizard was successful in getting his girl to pass out into a drunken stupor and I was left all alone (well me and a bottle of Cristal) in a room with some very nice ladies. I threw my girl into an empty room and took full advantage of the only piece of furniture in the whole multimillion dollar condo. The girls were already naked by the time the elevator doors opened (which is nice but I always enjoy the thrill of ripping clothes off). Lucky for me these girls were pros and had my clothes off and dick hard quicker then a bum runs up to the car window when you hold out a hundred dollar bill out of a Ferrari. I was trying to satisfy all four of the women while also trying not to move too quickly and have all the alcohol I drank come back up.

This wasn’t my first roust with multiple women, but it was my first time doing it while my girlfriend was passed out in the other room. That being said, I only had one thought in my mind and it wasn’t what if my girlfriend wakes up! This is something every man should remember when being with multiple women: line them up side by side face down asses up and go from one to the next to the next pounding away. It was quite fun, I felt like I was a composer for an erotic symphony. One girl would moan, one girl would groan, one girl would oh god, and then of course the other would Daddy (which I happen to love). I was making music going from one to the next. I kept trying to arrange it so that I got an OH from the “Oh god” girl and a Daddy from the daddy girl giving me the wonderful music of OH DADDY…but it never quite worked out right. Regardless, it was a brilliant performance that could have made Mozart proud…or at least jealous. I finished up with an even more ingenious plan, the sprinkler. Now I normally love making women get on their knees to get the ultimate cumshot in the face or tits. I really enjoy it, but the line of 4 girls is just to long to hit each and everyone of them with some Lizard Juice. I decided they should make a hooker circle around me and I could spin around giving them each a chance to suck my cock which I call JewC (there will be a story about why I call it that and the powers that it has later). Now as I’m just about to feel JewC explode I do a quick spin sprinkling each and every one of them with Jew C juice. It was an epic move which I now call the sprinkler

This was the first night of pimpin’ with a pimp and feeling like the ultimate rapper but it was most certainly not the last. There were many more nights with PimpC as well as other pimps who were equally as fun. To this day my girlfriend who is now an ex has absolutely no idea of how much fun I actually had on that night.

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