Why They Call Me Lizard

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How I Became Known as the LV Lizard

I don’t know exactly why I was coined “The Lizard” but I have a pretty good idea. I had been posting my stories on an internet forum for quite sometime. The majority of people happened to enjoy my stories, but like most people, they didn’t believe they were true. Months later there was a meet in Las Vegas that many members were attending. Naturally, I decided that I needed to attend; after all, any excuse to go to Vegas is a good excuse. My flight was way too early in the morning so I decided to pack my bags, head to the local strip club, get drunk, and then have one of my girls take me to the airport.

I was greeted in Vegas by people I had never met in person, smelling like stripper lotions and alcohol. I think it was immediately obvious to everyone present that I was the real deal. You will hear many stories of that week including but not limited to: yelling for hookers all throughout the casino, missing 3 planes in one day, a wonderful threesome, and getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

The most important story at the moment, though, started on the first night of our trip when we went to the infamous Spearmint Rhino where I proceeded to become the life of the party, licking every stripper in sight. Management was getting upset, but the strippers were getting turned on. Everyone was amazed that not only was I getting away with things nobody ever could, but that the girls were asking for more. Throughout the week in Vegas, I proceeded to make out with and/or lick each and every attractive girl we came across in the clubs. As I danced the night away, my tongue grazed every woman’s neck and headed downward towards the lovely man made over-sized tits. It was after that week in LV that a group of very rich and powerful people started calling me The Lizard. So here I am, the LV Lizard.

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